Quitting smoking

Hey lifeblogger here,
         I wanted to tell you a little bit about me and maybe you will learn something too! About 7 months ago I quit smoking it was rough. I wanted nothing more than to smoke. But I changed my mindset by telling myself why are you quitting? For my son. Why else? For my health. I set myself up so when I got cravings I could fall back on my mindset. It wasn’t easy but I can say after 7 months I did it.
                 I had a lot of support from my son through the times I just wanted to smoke. At times yes, I thought I couldn’t live without smoking. But here I am. Living smoke free. Don’t plan on smoking ever again.
                Even though the tough times, the first few days after quitting. Is when the urges are the worse. You must push through because after that it gets easier. Find a way to distract yourself by reading, chewing gum or candy. Anything really, I used the Nicorette lozenges for the cravings. But everyone is different.
                I quit not just for my son but for me. And that’s important. I hope you can find the strength to quit to because the alternative is not good.

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