How to help are children

Crazy things kids do

From my personal experience, Kids can do all kind of crazy things.
Why am i talking about this.Because you can learn from my stories
how i handled situations when kids act out.
Please don’t take my word for anything i say because it may or may not work for you.

When a child refuses to listen and throws a fit. Ways i handled this is

A. Stayed calm and asked what was making them so upset.
B. Had them go cool down somewhere whether in there room
or on a couch etc..
C. If they did not calm down talk them through there frustrations.
Sometimes they just need to be heard.
D. When they finally calm down talk to them about ways they could
prevent episodes like that. ( deep breathing, imagery).
E. Finally explain the behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
At this point you could give a warning, grounding, chore or chores.
F. I recommend having them practice there deep breathing/imagery.
Maybe starting a journal to do everyday to get there thoughts out.
Whatever you decide is completely up to you.

When a child says I can’t sleep

Well, I have heard this at least a few hundred times.
The steps I took may not be the steps you take but, it just what works for me.
A. Depending on what time it is Music is usually my first choice
B. A Diffuser for scented oils I use lavender.
C. A natural supplement melatonin.
D. The calm app ( sleep stories)
E. Muscle relaxation you can find many on YouTube and the app store.
F. Warm milk or lactose free milk
G. A noise machine or fan
I have tried and tested these ideas on my own child. They seem to work well.
Its completely up to you what you do.

Thank you for Reading and please comment if you have any suggestions on
what I could blog about. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional on children so my methods may or may not work. Please
seek out professional help if you need it.

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